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Samsung – Note 5 Repair

LCD Screen

90 Mins

battery replacement

45 Mins

Charging Port
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Power Button
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Loud Speaker
speaker repair
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EarPiece Repair
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Front Camera
front camera replacement
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Back Cover

45 Mins





30 mins Turn around time



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Is your Samsung Note 5 showing some problems? Do you want to repair the screen damage or fix the issues in the charging port? Welcome to payless mobile fonefix – The one stop solution for myriad of mobile issues. Samsung Note 5 Repair Services are the best phone repair technicians in the business. Read More

  1. We understand the nuisance due to any damage occurred in such an expensive mobile phone and this is the reason why we host a team of proficient members possessing knowledge in Samsung Note 5 repair. Samsung Note 5 Screen Replacement Whatever is the issue, you can just tell us and we will take appropriate step according to your needs and requirements.We have been working in this industry since a long time now and this has helped us to gain ample of knowledge about the appropriate steps to follow.With some of experienced heads, Samsung Note 5 Screen Repair we can guarantee to fix even the most complicated issue in the least possible time frame. Call us now to enjoy an excellent repair service at a competitive price. We offer comprehensive repair solution to our clients’. Customer centric work approach combined with timely service makes us different from the other repairing technicians.Samsung Note 5 Repair Services to make sure you are getting the very best of value for money you should first check to make sure that the company repairing your phone are qualified firstly and also have the correct parts. Many Companies boast the cheapest prices do not import genuine OEM parts instead import cheap copies from overseas that managed to get past customs. Samsung Note 5 Battery Replacement, some of these parts can be potentially dangerous especially for example if they are untested lithium batteries. we offer a quality service for affordable prices and never leave the chance to make sure customers come first. By offering quality phone repair service we prioritize your phone service to give you the best service every time. Shop 9c, The Astley Centre 370 Great Western Hwy St Mary's NSW 2760 Australia. LCD +Glass +frame and Back Cover: A broken LCD, glass, frame and back cover casts an undesirable look. Since it is not only about an undesirable look, but also about the functionality, there is a need for excellent technicians. Our knowledgeable experts have the skill to deal with issues in the most effective manner. With us, whatever the issue is there in the screen and back cover, we can solve it in the simplest manner.

    Battery and Charging Port: When your phone is unable to charge, it will definitely stop functioning thereby making your phone of no use. Since it requires expertise for a precise analyze, there is a need for broad knowledge. At payless mobile fonefix, you get dedicated experts working on your phone to bring back the lost functionality.

    Back and Front Camera: Our experts have the proficiency to deal with the issue in the back and front camera. Any issues with the camera just call our professionals and get an elite service at an affordable price. We make every possible effort to give back your mobile within the least timeframe.

    Head Phone Jack/Ear Piece: f your earpiece is giving you a hard time, the problem might be with the jack or the earpiece itself. Our expert technicians possess the knowledge to undergo precise analysis to find the issue and offer a desirable solution.


*We use OEM parts we do not use original parts.
*All our Parts & Repairs come with 3 months of warranty.
*Repairing your device with us might void your manufacturer’s warranty.
*Screens are covered under warranty as long as there is no physical damage.
*Water damage devices do not have any sort of warranty.
*Software issues do not have any warranty.
*Refund can be provided in exchange of the parts and 20% labor charge will be deducted.
*Under no circumstances physical damage will be covered under warranty.


Be wary of any repairers who claim to use original parts. Original parts are only available to authorised company repairers (e.g. Apple store). Furthermore, many repairers will offer you two prices; one for the “authentic” company parts, and one for the generic copies. Please do not believe this, as all leading manufacturers, including Apple, do not supply any parts for their products. As a result, all parts we supply are of the absolute highest quality possible, and we only replace what is necessary.

Note: Third party repairing will void your warranty.

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