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At payless mobile fonefix we ensure that even the most challenging repair or replacement need on your LG mobile phone can be addressed with ease because we experts. Liquid Damage, Broken Screen, Camera Issues, Battery Issues- You Name it and We Fix It, Instantly!!!! What is most important is that even if it is a high-end model from LG like the G4, LG NEXUS 4, NEXUS 5, we will resolve the issue in no time. Read More

When you are using a high-end device from LG like the one from Nexus version or a G4, the usual problems that are likely to arise if the device is not taken proper care are:

  • Sudden black out of the screen when the phone is still on a functional mode
  • The wireless charging gets broken
  • Low volume issues with the speaker
  • A cracked screen

Fall repair or liquid damage, we can handle all severe problems as our technicians are trained to address issues within no time. so, getting back your beautiful LG mobile phone in an absolutely new condition is cake walk for us.

What We Fix- LG Phone Fault Repairs:

Unlike what other mobile phone repair companies do, taking weeks to fix a problem with the device, we at payless mobile fonefix troubleshoot within lesser turn-around time. Sometimes our engineers may go to the extent of offering LG mobile phone repair service within a span as short as one hour.

High-end mobile phones from LG like the Nexus or the LG G4 may typically be subject to issues like those in the following lines:

  • Sound problem with the microphone or the ear-piece
  • Phone reception issues
  • Problem with charging of the LG mobile phone

The other issues commonly faced by a high-end LG mobile phone user have been discussed below:

  • Phone Freezing:We thoroughly inspect the hardware and software of your phone to determine the problem and resolve it accordingly.
  • Camera Not Working:Your phone needs lens or other optical components replacement.
  • Power Not Working:Your phone Charger Port needs replacement, perhaps your Charger is ata fult.
  • Battery Not Working: Walk into our store to purchase original and new LG Battery according to your phones model.
  • Buttons Not Working: Upon inspection, our technicians may have to replace the home, volume, side, or power buttons.
  • Sound Failure:Our technicians will replace the ringer, microphone, and ear-piece with new and original LG hardware.

Common Fault

  • screen frozen
  • can’t connect to Wi-Fi network
  • charge problem
  • power on problem

What happens when your LG Nexus or G6 starts showing these:

Losing mobile phone data: Our experienced team at payless mobile fonefix can effectively retrieve data lost on your LG mobile phone. We ensure affordable phone repair as we reload the data on the device.

LG mobile phone lock: Do not worry if your LG smartphone like the Nexus gets locked. We have technicians who have the right set of skills to unlock the device. We can even process your requirement for unlocking the mobile phone over the internet so that there is no loss of time between ordering and repairing.

We will fix every conceivable hardware or software problem the SAME DAY…..Talk to us TODAY!

Our team of technicians will be glad to serve you, please call us on 02 8632 0130.

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