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Motorola Mobile Phone Repairing

The pioneers of mobile technology, Motorola has many feathers in its cap. But sometimes even the best brands can be prone to malware and virus attacks or experience physical damage. Your luck just ran out when it slipped from your hands and fell on the pavement. The icing on the cake, you pay hundreds of dollars in its repair, because your phone’s warranty has expired. Ouch! That hurts! Read More

At payless mobile fonefix we offer instant and robust Motorola repair solutions at a lucrative price tag!

Today, we are the #1 Mobile Repair Service providers in Australia.

How We Help

So what if you have got a Motorola Nexus 6? Can you guarantee the device will not be subject to damage or defect? Such high-end smartphones like the Motorola Nexus 6 will need specialized support from experts. Yes! At payless mobile fonefix we have engineers and the right set of tools to fix even the most complicated problem with the Nexus 6.For repair and replacements on your Motorola high-end device you need not go anywhere since we give you the assurance. You can also track the repair process. Our team of professionals is trained to trouble-shoot even Wi-Fi complications. We can reset your Motorola Nexus 6 or any other model from an unresponsive screen or just do the needful to reboot the device for proper functioning.

Our range of services on your Motorola device includes the following:

As you appoint us for your Motorola repair job, you can be rest assured that no matter what the device is going to land up at your address in a condition as good as it was when first bought. Cracked or shattered? Even if the LCD of the phone looks irreparable we take a step forward to cater to tailored needs, otherwise a high-end phone such as this will become meaningless for you to own. It can be the screen, the speakers, the power button, the camera or the phone entirely that may undergo fatal damage. Sometimes, the worst can even happen when the phone gets locked! The problems with high-end device from the house of Motorola can be widely addressed by none other than our trained professionals who have detailed knowledge and years of experience to their credit. At payless mobile fonefix we provide solutions to all kinds of issues that may arise on a high-end Motorola device.

Non-functional power button: The charging port of your Motorola device needs a replacement? Come to us! It is the weirdest ever thing to not find the power button on a functional mode. We can do everything, from repairing to replacing. So, if the power button on your mobile phone has become non-workable, all you will need to do is call our experts. We will rush to your rescue and get everything fixed.

Sound not audible: It is our duty to replace or repair the microphone or the ear piece. Sometimes even the ringer mode of your phone may become non-functional. Do not worry! Bring the Motorola device to us.

  • Screen Repair:A broken screen hinders your access to the phone, just because it’s expensive to replace a damaged/broken screen, you are thinking of postponing the repair, which will only aggravate the trouble. For speedy and cost-effective Screen repair/replacement solution contact us. We use original spares only for all models of Motorola. The service comes with a warranty card.
  • Password Recovery:– You just uploaded a new game and poof your Motorola phone has gone in a standby mode, like forever! We at payless mobile fonefix recover the data post the repair and relocate it on the phone’s memory for a fraction of the cost as levied by your OEM.
  • Data Recovery:– Motorola has a strong policy towards prevention of unauthorized access of the data stored on the phone. It offers a variety of security layers and password is one amongst them. You hit your head against the pavement and now you are a blank screen. Worrying won’t help, but we at payless mobile fonefix can! Our expert technicians will recover the password, and thus help to gain access to the critical data stored on the phone.
  • Water Damage:Often a tiny droplet can hurt your Motorola mobile badly. To deal with the nuances of the accidental spill, our proficient hardware specialists will first create a backup of your data, and then fix your phone to bring it back in the original working condition.
  • Battery Replacement:A low performance battery severely damages the functioning of your phone. Replace your old, worn out battery from our collection of original batteries for any model of Motorola mobiles against lucrative price.

Common Fault

  • Random reboots
  • The Charger Keeps Overheating
  • Unresponsive Pixels
  • Battery drain
  • Overheating

We will fix every conceivable hardware or software problem the SAME DAY…..Talk to us TODAY!

Our team of technicians will be glad to serve you, please call us

If you are in Great Western Hwy St Mary's and you broke your phone Screen then without any delay call us on our shop – 0416266569 to book an appointment for your Phone Repairs .

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