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payless mobile fonefix brings On the spot, Top Class solutions for One Plus Mobile Phone Repairs

One Plus, a leading manufacturer of high-end smart phones has launched its OnePlus One, Plus Two and OnePlus Three models with exciting features. The phones are all powered by strong processors and highly demanding game apps. You can be a proud owner of a One Plus model, be it the Plus One or Plus Two or even OnePlus Three; but have you realised what if someday the phone flies off and hits concrete and then you find the screen zeroed to hundred small pieces? Leave aside the screen who knows even the processor might start showing faults because of the sharp fall. Your One Plus phone may even incur water damage. What are the possibilities you tend to be left with when such mishaps occur?

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Whether it is a One Plus One or a One Plus Two or OnePlus Three Phone Repair service payless mobile fonefix is Australia’s leading mobile phone and laptop repair service provider, can handle any kind of issue with the smart phone product from One Plus.

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One Touch Solution for One Plus Mobiles Phones, Exclusively by payless mobile fonefix

Bring your One Plus One or Plus Two to our experts at payless mobile fonefix and we will return you the device within quickest turn-around time, in a condition as good as new. Now, explore the types of problems our qualified engineers address:

  • Glass replacement:If the screen has undergone a major crack or has been shattered into pieces then bring it to payless mobile fonefix for we can immediately replace it with an original piece. Like we have said we put in all our efforts to give your mobile a new look.
  • LCD Replacement:The bleeding screen is the last thing you are scared of. It means that your much desired One Plus mobile phone has incurred a crack on its LCD, causing the spill. payless mobile fonefix has the perfect solution to treat the problem by offering its LCD replacement service.
  • Battery Replacement:It is not always right to completely trust the mobile phone battery. It can turn off without notice. So, even if it is your prized One Plus mobile phone, a low battery alert can become a constant issue unless it is brought to us for replacement.
  • Water damage:Do not ever think that your high-end One Plus mobile phone is resistant to water damage. At payless mobile fonefix we offer complete diagnosis on water damage. Believe it or not your phone will turn new once more and you will feel like flaunting it like you used to when it was brand new. Our technicians are efficient and will go through individual component to check out damage or corrosion. We replace or repair the parts within quickest turnaround time.
  • Complete Diagnosis:Whether it is the speaker that is not working, the processor or the browser that is showing improper functioning, seek complete diagnosis of your One Plus by considering our top notch services from payless mobile fonefix.

One Plus Solutions at payless mobile fonefix

payless mobile fonefix is one of those mobile and laptop repair service providers that have reasonably fixed rates for repair and replacements. Our engineers are experts. They know what is best for your One Plus mobile irrespective of whether it is the Plus One or the Plus Two Model. Even when the complication is too big, remember to give us a call.

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WARNING: Be wary of any repairers who claim to use original parts. Original parts are only available to authorised company repairers (e.g. One Plus store). Furthermore, many repairers will offer you two prices; one for the “authentic” company parts, and one for the generic copies. Please do not believe this, as all leading manufacturers, including One Plus, do not supply any parts for their products. As a result, all parts we supply are of the absolute highest quality possible, and we only replace what is necessary.
Note: Third party repairing will void your warranty

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