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Look for Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, S5 and Edge Screen Repair Replacement

If your Samsung mobile phone has ceased to work and you seem to be clueless about the reason then don’t brood over the issue. Instead, bring it to us. We at payless mobile fonefix will provide you tailored solutions so that your phone is delivered as good as new, after it has undergone rigorous repairing sessions by our team of knowledgeable and skilled technicians. Read More

Why you should hire us

If you have suddenly found out that you need Galaxy S6, Galaxy Edge, Note 4, Note Edge, Note 5, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S4 Mini, Ace3, Ace Plus screen repair, then rush to our store at payless mobile fonefix where we assure to offer you immediate assistance on Samsung smart phone screen Replacement.

Are you a Galaxy S5, S4, S6, S6 Edge+S3, S4 mini, user? Have you been noticing some problem with the display of the phone? Don’t wait a moment when you can seek an instant solution from our end through galaxy S5, S4, S6, S6 Edge+S3, S4 mini screen Replacement. All you Note owners are also welcome to payless mobile fonefix for expert repair and replacement services.

Learn some more about our Samsung Screen repair services

The other day while surfing the Samsung Galaxy smartphone, the screen went dull and then suddenly you could not see a thing on it. Calls came in but all you were left with was a dead screen. We at payless mobile fonefix take the initiative to lend an ear to such complex issues and address them at the earliest. You can now get screen Replacement for your Galaxy S, Note and Ace models as we will look into the matter and address it within the shortest turn-around time.

Now you do not have to worry about your pocket as you opt for our Samsung screen repair services. Get an original replacement on your Galaxy S series or those from the Note and Ace versions. No matter how severe the problem may look like we have a team of professionals who are specialised in Samsung Galaxy Edge screen replacement and also repairing other smartphone models from the brand like the S3, S4, S5, S6, Galaxy S4 Mini, Ace 3 and Ace Plus, Note 4 and Note 5.

With considerable foothold in the industry and goodwill to our credit, we assure to provide all Samsung users quality repair and replacement services. The tasks are conducted under the strict vigilance of a supervisor. Hence you can be assured to get only the best of solutions.

Majority of Samsung users rush to our store with screen related issues. While some of the phones feature normal display others showcase edge screen, which make the issues all the more complex. However, our seasoned professionals are there to address even the most complex of issues in a jiffy. Whether it is about Samsung Galaxy edge screen replacement or any other fault with a latest Samsung smartphone model, we are here to provide you with all kinds of assistance so that you can enjoy unhindered communication.

How We Help

To everyone’s surprise, we do not limit our offerings to users of Samsung Galaxy S series. Our technical team is equally capable of handling other models from the renowned brand like the Note and the Ace series. Other than solving screen related problems we offer following services:

Screen Repair:We provide Screen repair/replacement for damaged screen on all models. Original spare parts come with a guarantee card.
Water Damage:Accidental liquid spill leads to permanent damage to your phone. We provide the expertise to secure your data and fix your phone, provide spare parts and services and bring it to original working condition.
Password Recovery:Password helps secure unauthorised access to your phone, but forgetting it results in not getting access to important data. So, recovering the password is truly important and we assure to provide such assistance.
Data Recovery:Broken phone can sometimes lead to loss/no access to important data. We provide the service of retrieving it followed by complete repairing of the device, after which we can reposition the data.
Battery Replacement:We provide original and compatible battery for any Samsung mobile. Hence, quick battery replacement is easier when you have us by your side.
Common Fault
Camera crashes
Random rebooting
SIM card not inserted
Quick battery exhaustion

Repair Services for Samsung Mobiles:

We have bagged the top spot for mobile repairing services in Australia. We offer dedicated services to fix Samsung mobiles and its different models like Galaxy Series, Note 2, 3, 4 and Ace series.

Contact Us for Samsung Mobile Repairs and services and get best quotes for our services. Contact us 02 8632 0130 at

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We are close to transport terminals and the Burwood Westfield Shopping Centre or call us on 02 8632 0130.

Shop 1, 2 Enmore Road, Newtown, New South Wales 2042

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We are located in the Station Arcade in NSW CBD. Call us on 08 70806100

LCD +Glass +frame: A broken LCD or frame is definitely an undesirable part of the phones and therefore, it required immediate expert assistance to fix the issues. A broken glass or LCD takes the functionality and a broken frame casts an undesirable look. Experts of payless mobile fonefix can take care of your needs with their efficiency and make sure about a preferable result.

Battery and Charging Port: This is one of the most complicated issues that require professional guidance since it requires knowledge and expertise to find out the issues. Our professionals are much knowledgeable about the perfect methodologies that are required to follow to bring back the functionality. We undergo perfect analysis and depending on the result we take the next step to offer a desirable result.

Back and Front Camera: There is no doubt that the back and front camera of the Samsung Note Edge is known for its outstanding quality. If you are facing any issue with your phone, feel free to contact us to regain the lost functionality of the cameras at a reasonable price.

Head Phone Jack/Ear Piece: If you need to repair your earpiece or headphone at an immediate basis, call our experts today. Knowledge and expertise makes us different and the only choice.

Repair Services for Samsung Mobiles:

We have bagged the top spot for mobile repairing services in Australia. We offer dedicated services to fix Samsung mobiles and its different models like Galaxy Series, Note 2, 3, 4 and Ace series.


*We use OEM parts we do not use original parts.
*All our Parts & Repairs come with 3 months of warranty.
*Repairing your device with us might void your manufacturer’s warranty.
*Screens are covered under warranty as long as there is no physical damage.
*Water damage devices do not have any sort of warranty.
*Software issues do not have any warranty.
*Refund can be provided in exchange of the parts and 20% labor charge will be deducted.
*Under no circumstances physical damage will be covered under warranty.


Be wary of any repairers who claim to use original parts. Original parts are only available to authorised company repairers (e.g. Apple store). Furthermore, many repairers will offer you two prices; one for the “authentic” company parts, and one for the generic copies. Please do not believe this, as all leading manufacturers, including Apple, do not supply any parts for their products. As a result, all parts we supply are of the absolute highest quality possible, and we only replace what is necessary.

Note: Third party repairing will void your warranty.

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