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Sony Xperia Z5 Screen Repair & Replacement

Sony – Xperia Z5 Repair


90 Mins

battery replacement

60 Mins

Back Cover

60 Mins

Charging Port

40 Mins

Rear Camera
front camera replacement

40 Mins





30 mins Turn around time



No Fix
No Fees

Sony Xperia Z5 Repairs, Xperia Z5 LCD Screen Repair

At payless mobile fonefix, we offer the best solution for the Xperia Z5 screen repair and replacement. Sony Xperia Z5 Screen ReplacementWe comprehend the necessity of cellphones in today’s busy schedule, and therefore we offer the solution within the least possible time frame.

If your Xperia Z5 has cracked, then you don’t have to worry, since our experts offer the perfect solution for it. Sony Xperia Z5 Screen Repair We properly supervise the issues and depending on that we take the next step.

If your Xperia Z5 require LCD or glass replacement, or any other issues on your mobile, our expert service is the solution for the cracked or distorted screen. We have always prioritized our customer’s needs and work in a way to suffice their requirements Sony Xperia Z5 Screen Replacement.

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Sony Xperia Z5 Repairs

payless mobile fonefix has a variety of solutions for your most prized Sony Xperia Z5. We priorities customer service so you can always rely on real and genuine upgrades and or repairs. We even offer a quick and hand Sony Xperia Z5 Battery Replacement service. If you would like to visit us in person please make sure you visit the contact us page on this website.


Warranty: Yes, we understand that you need that confidence in giving your expensive Xperia Z5 for the repair. Since we are confident about the materials we use and also on our experts, we offer a warranty on the parts you get from us. We are more than happy to analyze and replace if there is any defective parts. Please make sure that this warranty has no link with the physical damage.

Competitive Price: With us, not only you get skilled experts working on your Xperia Z5, but also the competitive price set us different from others. We leave no stones unturned to suffice your needs and wants and therefore our affordable price tags help our clients to enjoy the exceptional screen repair service.

Fast Turnaround: Working in this sector for years have helped us to gain the knowledge about the customers. We rightly comprehend the need for cellphones and therefore we offer a good solution for the screen replacement within the least time. You can remain assured that you will get back your phone in the previous condition and in the same day.

Exceptional Service: At payless mobile fonefix, we only believe in earning customers by offering quality service to our clients. For the repairing and replacement purpose, we make use of quality materials. We can guarantee you to get the best glass and LCD replacement from us. Our service differentiates us from others.


*We use OEM parts we do not use original parts.
*All our Parts & Repairs come with 3 months of warranty.
*Repairing your device with us might void your manufacturer’s warranty.
*Screens are covered under warranty as long as there is no physical damage.
*Water damage devices do not have any sort of warranty.
*Software issues do not have any warranty.
*Refund can be provided in exchange of the parts and 20% labor charge will be deducted.
*Under no circumstances physical damage will be covered under warranty.


Be wary of any repairers who claim to use original parts. Original parts are only available to authorised company repairers (e.g. Apple store). Furthermore, many repairers will offer you two prices; one for the “authentic” company parts, and one for the generic copies. Please do not believe this, as all leading manufacturers, including Apple, do not supply any parts for their products. As a result, all parts we supply are of the absolute highest quality possible, and we only replace what is necessary.

Note: Third party repairing will void your warranty.